Kids and Argan Oil

Introducing highly nutritional food into your kids’ diets can be a challenging experience, especially if they are fussy eaters! The trick often lies in disguise. Whether that is giving them a meal with smooth tomato puree instead of tomatoes or drizzling culinary gourmet Argan Oil overcooked food rather than offering the Argan Oil with bread.

The next question is, why introduce Argan Oil into your kid’s diet? Will they develop an expensive taste? Argan Oil is indeed expensive due to its rarity in the world (the Argan tree -Argania spinosa- only grows in South-Western Morocco!) and is produced using a very labour intensive method, where on average 10 women work 8 hours to produce 1 litre of Argan Oil from roughly 35kg of fruits. The answer lies in Argan Oil’s exceptional nutritional qualities. Argan Oil’s Vitamin E content is double of most Olive Oil and Argan Oil also contains the special gamma-tocopherol form of Vitamin E. Compared to the alpha-tocopherol, gamma tocopherol (Vitamin E) supports the body’s immune system even better to defend itself against infections.

So what does Argan Oil taste like? Argan Oil has a very distinctive taste – rather nutty – with a sesame- and hazelnut-like aroma. When drizzling Argan Oil overcooked food – roasted vegetables, fish paella, a beef roast (you name it!) – it actually enhances the flavour of the food, as well as adding a hint of nuttiness. Who would have thought that a Vitamin E boost for your kids (and yourself!) could be so deliciously healthy and hassle-free to prepare?

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