What is the difference between culinary and cosmetic Argan Oil?

The difference between cosmetic and culinary Argan Oil lies in the preparation of the Argan kernels. For cosmetic use, the Argan kernels remain unroasted before their mechanical or stone-mill pressing. The not roasting of the Argan kernels ensures that the Argan Oil is odourless and tasteless. For culinary gourmet Argan Oil, kernels are roasted after they are removed from the Argan nut. The roasting of the kernels unlocks a deep, unique nutty aroma and flavour, which can be distinctively tasted in the pressed Argan Oil. Culinary gourmet Argan Oil that has been stone-mill pressed, known as Traditional Argan Oil, has a more profound nutty flavour compared to the mechanical pressing. Argan Oil is a fundamental ingredient in Moroccan cooking and highly popular amongst Gourmets and Health-aware individuals.

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